For advice on dealing with the humans in your life

For advice on dealing with the humans in your life. What if you sent in a question to

Saturday, October 22, 2011

back in business

Hey dudes! There's been a long pause. I migrated my column over to another site, which seemed pretty cool, and it took a while to get underway and they were posting my old columns weekly, finally, and I was gonna tell y'all about it as soon as they got around to posting something new of mine...but said site stopped updating, two columns before they were gonna get to the new stuff, and my contact hasn't been responding to my emails, so after several months of inactivity there I figgered I'd just start things back up here, I am again.

And I'm SO STOKED to answer your questions! So, bring 'em on! I'll get the party started by posting my latest answer.

Happy hugs of reunion,

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